Friday, 4 September 2009

Tai Chi For Office Workers

Hi l came across this video on you tube and thought it would be help some office workers.What l like about it is you dont have to change into your Tai Chi although it would help for increasing the blood flow during tai chi.

To find out more on how to start tai chi in your office environment and its benefits to your productivity visit

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Top 5 tips for people starting out in Tai Chi useful for beginners

1. Relax, be open and be playful
Enjoy developing a deeper connection to all life around you.

2. Enjoy passively observing the processes of nature
Sun and rain, wind and stillness, take pleasure in noticing the flows of energy in nature.

3. Be aware of your base, your connection to the ground
“If you practice (a martial art) without paying attention to your gong (base) then it will be a lifetime of empty practice.”

4. Feel the connectedness of your whole body.
Let movement arise from a welling-up of natural energy following your conscious intention. For example, Wee Kee-Jin says, “Moving the arms is not Tai Chi” – your arms do move, but they move dependent upon an initiation of movement from the base, not on their own.

5. Consistent practice is important for steady progress
“Learning is eating, practicing is digesting.”

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

How Your Internal Organs Affect Your External Appearence

In our mordern day life time has become one of our most valuable assets.This however places a large proportion of our society under constant pressure to perform and deliver results in a timely manner.On the other side of the coin failure to do so increases the pressure to an extent that can be harmful to our health system for example our internal organs.So this brings us to the question how do our internal organs affect our external appearence?

To answer the above question let us take an example of a green plant.
When a plant is not healthy, its leaves will change from bright green to yellow. If the condition worsens, the leaf will become dry and brown and soon fall. If the problem is not fixed, the roots will also be affected and the plant will die. If a leaf from a tree is soft, supple and green, then you can tell he tree is in good health. However if its dry or has some spots, you know there is a problem.

It is the same with animals and human beings. If you look at our face and palms, you can see all your health condition there. Here is what to look for:

If you have a heart problem,
your face will have a deep, even purplish-red colour and be swollen. This red
should not be confused with a healthy red, but rather a red that will go
away,there may even be dark veins.
you will have acne or feel dizzy. It will be the same for palms, they will have a
dark red hue to them.

If you have a liver problem,
your face will be sallow yellow or greenish colour, and your palms will be the
same. This means there is a problem with the blood circulation resulting from the
liver problem.
you will feel cold, your hands will be thin and have yellowish colour and you will
start to have problems with your eyesight.

If the kidneys are not healthy,

your hair will be dry and will fall out easily.

If there is a problem your lungs,

your skin will be dry and in poor condition.

If there is problem with your spleen

your lips will lack colour, be white, chapped and dry

Good health is based on the condition of your internal organs, if you have a healthy
heart, lungs, spleen and kidneys, your skin will glow and your hair will have enough
oil. Your eyes will be bright and your face will look young, even though it may have
some lines.

Practising tai chi will definitely help maintain your internal organs to stay healthy. A healthy condition start from the inside out. The beauty of health is for all ages.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Is Tai Chi The Ultimate Exercise or Supreme Health Remedy?

In my own humble opinion from the information l have gathered there is no doubt in my mind that Tai chi is an ultimate exercise because of the ways it heals heatlh problems.Tai chi goes right to the root of most health problems by relaxing the muscles and mind, aligning the spinal posture, and balancing the energy systems that run through the body, providing them with life energy.Tai chi is a profound self-improvement tool, a great muscle toning exercise, and an incredible 'healing art'. Whether you want to improve external beauty, mental outlook, or physical health and longevity, Tai chiheals the roots of your being. "

However the question still remains is Tai chi the supreme health remedy?To be honest l would love to here your comments and opinions on this one because l still havent reached the decision yet as to yes or no.